Coated Aluminum Coil

We are one of the suppliers of aluminum coils and other products in Ontario, Toronto Canada with unbeatable price. We supply aluminum coils which are suitable for window and door installation. We provide a reliable trim aluminum coil which meets all requirements for a perfect window and door aluminum flashing.

Aluminum painted coil isideal for exterior using and maintenance free and you do not need to repaint after years. Trim aluminum coil is ideal for exterior wooden parts protection, capping around doors, windows and facia or any other difficult area in home. We make sure that whatever we supply to our clients is fully checked to ensure quality. With us you can be sure that you would have high quality aluminum coils in Ontario, Toronto Canada at most reasonable prices.

Aluminum Coil

Our Aluminum coils and spray foam have been selected from reliable large manufacturers which are specific for windows and doors installation. Do not waste your time for shopping around. We guarantee you will get best offers for high quality aluminum coils and spray foam without even going to market and searching these products with different vendors. We are flexible for payment cash, cheque or credit card would be accepted and you would have your purchase in one palace immediately. You would enjoy free delivery in GTA with purchase more than 400$.


Heavy gage.
Good strength.
Maintenance free.
Width: 23.6″ (60 Cm)
Length: 984’ (3000 Cm)
Finish: Painted – (Black & White)

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