Both bay and bow windows add something beautiful to your home. They are sweeping sets of windows that work together to enhance your home’s exterior while allowing plenty of natural light to come in at all times of the day. Unlike other types of windows, both bay and bow varieties actually extend out from your house and create their own unique shape while doing so, instead of being flat to a wall like typical casements or sliders are.

Bay and bow windows differ in shape to each other and although they both give you more room in your home, they do it in slightly different ways.

bay bow window main

A bay window typically has a fixed center window that won’t open. Think a picture window type of thing but with an operating window on each side, like a casement (one that opens all the way out) or a double hung (one that opens when the top and bottom sashes are moved up or down). Bay windows are usually at an angle of 45 degrees but may be more depending on the style you choose.

On the other hand, bow windows have more than three sections that are set at small angles of 10 degrees or so so they gently form the bow shape and have a curved appearance. Some sections will be stationary while others may open, though the opening ones will likely be on both ends.

One of the great things about both bow and bay windows is the fact that you aren’t getting just one window, but instead a combination of windows that only ups the natural light you will get into your space. While not all of them will open, some will which will also allow you plenty of ventilation and fresh air throughout your home.

Cleaning a bay or bow window is easy as well as you have complete access to the inside and outside of them, and if the side windows are double hung and tilt, you have it made in terms of ease of cleaning. If they are casements you can open them to clean both sides with little effort.

Side windows that are casements can open all the way out for maximum ventilation or simply open a little for that gentle breeze to come in and the same goes for double hung as they allow you to open just the top or just the bottom depending on your needs, so versatility is a big part of both bay and bow window configurations.

Bay and bow windows are architectural accents for your home. They form pleasing shapes and are wonderful for curb appeal. Throughout history, bow and bay windows have been used to create stunning buildings all around the world and now thanks to new technology, both bay and bow windows are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to have in your home.