Chances are if you have a house you have casement windows somewhere in that house. That’s how popular this type of window is and how much it is used in construction projects today.

You’ve seen them and probably even used them too, as they are the type of window that is hinged on the side or top of a window frame and then cranked out to whatever position you require. They can be opened all the way out to the exterior of your home and be wide open or you can stop cranking at any time to have them open an inch, four inches or whatever you need on the particular day. Wherever you stop the crank is where they will sit until such times as you crank them back to the closed position. So, yes, they need a crank or a handle to use. You simply unlock the window and then use the handle to get it to the required position.

Casement windows are made up of one or more distinct casements and can be made of wood, vinyl or metal and because they is free of any rails or other distractions running through them it offers clean views all day every day.

The best part about casement windows is that they give almost 100% ventilation to your home. Simply open them all the way and presto, you have all the fresh air you can handle. If it gets windy or you have too much air coming in simply crank the window back in until the room is comfortable again.

Another great aspect about casement windows are the fact that they are completely sealed so when they are shut and locked they offer the homeowner low air leakage and also great noise reduction.

On the other hand, you have to be careful where you use casement windows because they swing outwards and may cause an obstruction. Of course they can be used on upper floors with ease, but if they swing out onto a deck or a walkway for example, they can be in the way of using these outdoor spaces when they are open.

The other con that people think casements windows have is the fact you have to crank them in or out with the aforementioned crank handle. It can get tiresome if you are moving the windows all the time to different opening spots. It is also a bit time consuming if you have to crank them in fast should a sudden rain fall. They’re not as easy to close as say a double hung window would be.

Still, casement windows can be a great addition to your home as they allow so much light and air in every day. They are great for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms alike and are also popular in kitchens and bathrooms as they offer that great ventilation.

Looks, functionality and ease of use-- that is what casement windows bring to your home.