Slider windows are the window of choice in many modern and contemporary homes. Why? Because they are easy to use, easy to clean and look good while doing it. Most homes and offices utilize slider windows and it is a good bet you already have some in your home, most often in a bedroom or bathroom though they can go anywhere and function just the same.

Slider windows are called this because they slide. The glass part sits on a track that is attached to the window frame. Sliders are usually formed by two panes that sit side by side on different parts of that track. If you want to open one side for example, you simply unlock it and slide it along the track to where you want it. If you want both sides open, no problem, you simply slide both sides towards the middle to where you want them.

slider window main

With sliders you can open one side at a time or both and there is never any issue with them bumping into each other. They slide horizontally and always stay in their track so they are a great choice in hard to reach areas because they don’t require much effort to slide them open.

A lot of people like slider style windows because they are easy to clean. The track is usually made of vinyl which is easy to clean. You can simply push up on each pane to get it out of the track and then you have very easy access to both the front and the back of each pane. While it is out you can also clean the top and bottom part of the window that sits in the track and the track itself. Once finished the panes simply pop back in to ride the track once more.

Slider style windows don’t take up any extra room, as they don’t open out to the outdoors or into the interior of your home but instead simply move from side to side to allow the breeze in. They are quite adjustable as you only have to move it as far along the track as you want, once you stop pulling the window it will stop. To close you just move it back to the end of the track and lock it in place and you’re done.

Sliders allow for plenty of natural light and the view will only be obstructed by the middle part of the window where the panes meet which usually isn’t an issue. Furthermore, slider windows add curb appeal to a home as they feature clean lines and a look that doesn’t take away from anything else on your home. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb they effortlessly blend into the décor, all with that great functionality.