Double hung and single hung windows are a popular option with many homeowners. They look nice, they add a special something to the curb appeal of a home and they, although are slightly different in how they operate, are basically the same.

Both double and single hung windows feature two sashes, which just means the window is made of two distinct parts. There is a sash on top and one on the bottom and these sashes slide vertically up or down. They are space saving since they don’t swing in or out, but rather up and down so they don’t ever leave the area that they are in.

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With a double hung window, both sashes move. You can raise the upper sash to allow in the breeze or lower the upper sash to pull hot air from the ceiling area and vent it back outside. With the single hung counterpart, the difference is that only the bottom sash will be able to open, leaving the top window sash stationary at all times. Double hung cost more but do more for you and your home.

These types of windows are very popular for their functionality. They can be constructed of wood or vinyl and come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your tastes and décor. When it comes to cleaning, both double hung and single hung windows are very easy to clean, as some come with a tilt feature that allows you to have your window sitting vertically while you clean top and bottom.

They are great for ventilation, they are great looking and they are functional. What’s the downside to double hung and single hung windows? Because of the way they are constructed with two different sashes, there has to be something that holds them together and that is a horizontal rail that runs through the middle. While it adds a certain something to the overall design, some people say that it ruins the view of outside as you will always have an obstructed view.

Both double and single hung windows are popular choices for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms where you may need more ventilation and/or more choices with ventilation than some other window designs can give. Because of their ease of use and ease of cleaning, both types of hung windows are popular in many homes and can be used anywhere as they don’t take up any extra space or protrude to the inside or outside of your space.

While windows by nature are there to allow in natural light and of course air your space out, some do it in a compact and easy to use style, and this is where double hung and single hung windows outshine their window competition.