Vinyl windows

As a leading supplier of windows in Toronto, we carry and install a wide range of high-quality and affordable windows. The vinyl windows we carry are totally custom size, smooth, and UV-resistant sash and brick mold with different kinds of window styles and multiple choices of exterior and interior finish. Our vinyl windows are manufactured based on Canadian standards and energy efficiency.


We have provided a diversity of high-quality vinyl (UPVC) windows, Wooden windows, and Aluminum windows from the top Canadian manufacturer such as Window City, Vinylbilt, Vinyl Window Design VWD, Loewen, and KV windows. These windows are some of the most popular in the Greater Toronto Area market today.  

Each home is unique and different, all of our windows would be a custom size that catches your desired style with a comprehensive palette of standard colors, or we can custom-paint your windows. You can upgrade the architecture of your home with grilles in multiple profiles and finishes or increase the efficiency with triple pane glass. Also if you would like better privacy, different types of textured glasses are available. We not only cover the Richmond Hill area but also serve the Greater Toronto Area.   We are closer to you than you think. With just one simple call then you would have an expert consultation in your home for free!

If you are looking for high-end and luxury windows we also offer high-quality wooden windows and modern Aluminum windows  based on your custom design and size for your home or cottage as well as Energy Star-certified windows. 

Primary Functions of Vinyl Windows

The primary function of a window is to admit daylight and provide a view but these days windows are one of the important elements of a building therefore additional performance requirements include: 

  • Safety 
  • Security 
  • Aesthetics 
  • Energy Efficiency  
  • Provision of ventilation 
  • Strength, stability, and airtightness 
  • Resistance to sound transmission 
  • Durability and maintenance-free. 

Window Anatomy

Although many vinyl windows look the same BUT NOT all vinyl windows are the same. Take a closer look at some of the standard materials that should be used in any window you are considering for your home. 


Low-E glass is an invisible, metallic coating that lessens the penetration of ultraviolet rays and dramatically reduces heating and cooling costs in homes by reflecting heat back into homes in the winter and out of homes in the summer. Molten glass Low-E coating is much more durable product than coatings that are sprayed on cooled glass. We work hand in hand with world-class supplier CARDINAL Glass Industries to offer the most durable glass.   

Argon Gas

All Window & Door Specialist double-glazed or triple-glazed windows are filled with Argon gas or Krypton gas. Both gasses are heavier than air and improve the energy efficiency of windows by slowing heat transfer between the panes of glass.  

vinyl anatomy.nrcan

UPVC Frames and Sashes

UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) is the premium vinyl available for window manufacturing. It will not bend, warp, fade, yellow, or go chalky, is virtually maintenance-free, and dramatically improves window energy efficiency because of its low-conductive properties. 

These are two types of products are used as spacers and seals, creating best-in-class sealed glass units. 

  1. Super Spacer is a non-metallic, silicone rubber strip that separates the two pieces of glass in a double-glazed sealed unit. 
  2. Stainless steel spacer that separates the two pieces of glass in a double-glazed sealed unit and provides long-term performance.

Foam Filled Frames

Filling window frames and sashes with ETI foam improves the thermal efficiency of large cavities found in vinyl windows. This option helps you have a home warmer in the winter and a cooler in the summer.  

Metal Reinforcement

We utilize steel re-enforcement bars for combination oversized windows to achieve better performance in air tightness, water penetration, and wind-driven rain conditions.  

Window Types

Here at The Window & Door Specialist, all types of windows such as Fixed windows, single and double slider windows, single and double hung windows, Casement windows, Awning windows are available. Window styles can be combined to create Bay, Bow, or large feature windows. You will find more useful information on their related pages.

Window Installation

vinyl window1

A quality installation is as important as a quality window. We have a saying at The Window & Door Specialist that the window is only as good as the installation. We take pride in providing the highest quality installations using the latest techniques and superior materials. Our replacement vinyl windows in Greater Toronto Area are effectively weather-sealed and prevent airflow when closed. They provide excellent ventilation when open. These window units close tightly and provide a solid seal that delivers high thermal performance.  

There are two installation methods, 

Brick to Brick: A brick-to-brick installation involves removing all components of the existing window (sash, frame, interior trims, flashing, brick mold, etc). This method of installation ensures the new window is plumb and level and adequately insulated. Because all components are removed, the opening will be bigger allowing for a larger glass area and a cleaner more consistent look. 

Retrofit: A retrofit installation is a more cost-effective solution. This method of installation is typically utilized when if you wish to preserve the interior moldings or when the cost is a concern. The existing sashes are removed, and the new window is installed into the old frame. The exterior frame is clad in aluminum.  

Note the attention to detail, color matching (aluminum capping color matching window), clean caulking, and steel lintel capping. 

With more than 30 years of successful presence in this industry, we know all the concerns of our customers. The Window and Door Specialist employs a team of professional installers dedicated to providing expert installation and service. 

Looks, functionality and ease of use-- that is what casement windows bring to your home.