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When Should You Replace Your Windows

Homes that are over 20 years old with original windows should now consider to upgrade it. However, if there is no sign of any damage, then you can continue with the same. Over time, your home windows begin to show some signs of damage which you either overlook or don’t check.

It is vital to identify whether your home windows need to be replaced by checking it thoroughly. So, here are described some simple signs when you should consider replacing your windows:

  • High Energy Bills
    As the temperature rises in summer and drops in winter, your heating and cooling bills also do the same. The older windows are vulnerable to leaks and cracks while the newer windows designed to avoid the air transferring in and out of your premises. Almost 25 % of your bill is lost through windows.
  • A Lot of Outside Noise and Dust
    If you can hear a lot of noise from outside which disturbs you, it means the doors are not sealed correctly. It is a good sign to install insulated windows. Tight windows keep out dust, bugs, pollen and sound so the indoor environment is healthier.
  • Difficult Operations
    A window that is poorly installed and got any damage often develops balance issues and make it challenging to lock and unlock the window. Due to safety concerns, you should think over its replacement.
  • Condensation
    If you notice the condensation in between the two panes of glass, it is a sign of defective window seals which require replacement. Energy-efficient windows stay warmer on the interior surface, so condensation would be less, which can eventually damage walls. Less condensation also helps reduce growth of mold.
  • Soft Or Chipped Window Frames
    When your window frames are chipped or soft to touch, they are likely beyond repair. Smooth window frames even indicate rot and water infiltration. They may start sagging and require replacement.

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